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Download & Install RioPlay for Windows
  • System Requirements:
  • Windows 10.
  • DirectX 9.0c or Above.
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo or Above (2 GHZ or Above)
  • RAM: 2GB (Usable).
  • NVidia/ Ati / Intel Extreme Graphics with minimum 256MB Video RAM and Core Clock 600 MHz.

How it works ?

  • Find your videos from Pen Drive or Download from Cloud.
  • Download the RioPlay if not available in Pen Drive or in Cloud Version. 
  • New user Registration for login into RioPlay with parameters as Email Id, Mobile No. & Password.
  • Login to RioPlay with Email Id as Username & Password.
  • Browse the videos in RioPlay.
  • Activate that product with the help of Serial Key, attached on Pen Drive or in Mail.
  • Again Browse the video to play.
  • Logout to switch the device. (From windows to android & vice versa.)
Your account with RioPlay (New User)

New User Registration

  • You must have active internet connection at the time of Registration.
  • On completing registration process you will receive password on email and mobile.
  • Register Problem, Click on the link below the Register button.

Your account with RioPlay (Existing User)

Existing User (Login)

  • If you are existing user you can login with your credentials.
  • Your username is your email ID and your password is “your entered password while new user registration”.
  • Keep in mind you can login to one device at a time.
How to Get the Videos

Pen Drive Version

  • Connect the Pen Drive to the Computer.

Cloud Version

  • In Cloud Version, you will get the Email, containing the Cloud Version Link of that product.
  • Need to download all videos from the cloud version link.

Open the Lectures & Activation

  • Click on folder selection icon to open the desired video
  • Select the video of the product you want to open.
  • It will ask for activation.
  • Enter the serial key which is in the Email you got. 
Open the Lectures & Activation
  • You must have active internet connection while activating the product.
  • After activation, you can now play the video lectures.

Play the Lectures After Activation

Views  -- means “the count defined as how many times the user can open & close the same video.” Here I selects as 50. Means user can open the particular video 50 times.

Watch Time -- It decides the limited length of the video which user can see. Ex. 1.8 times, the user can see the video at time length limited at 1.8 times the original length.

Controls of Video Player
  • Stop: If you Open your Video it will directly played, Now you can stop your video by clicking the stop button.
  • Play / Pause: Button for Play and Pause the Video.
  • 10 Seconds Back & 10 Seconds Next the Video.
  • Mute / Unmute the Video.
  • Volume of Video– 0 to 100.
  • Speed Ratio for setting the video speed.

Different Menu of RioPlay

  • Recent Played: Shows the History of played videos.
  • Activations: Shows the History of Activated Products.
  • Chat: After clicking on that button, it will redirects to the browser where it opens the chat windows to or technical support team.
  • Support Ticket: You can send the query to our technical support team.
  • Settings: Shows to change the Video Player Screen.

Profile: Shows the Details of User, Change password option & Logout Option.

Logout Process & Login to another device
  • Change Password: You can change your existing password of the Login to RioPlay.
  • Logout: To login in the new device such as another windows computer or in Android Mobile, you need to logout from the existing device. After logout, you will see the Login screen.

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